Credit Union Update



We now have mobile banking for our members.  Mobile banking will allow you to review your accounts and transactions in real time.  If you are buying groceries, and you need to confirm you have sufficient funds for your debit card, open the app and check your balance.  Move funds as needed…..its real time!


  *  You must be set up for Online Access  If you are not, contact us at 57five-62two-0560.

  *  Log into your Online Access account at  Choose Account  Services and click Mobile Banking.

  *  Create a “secret” word.  This will be a word you will need when using the app.

  *  Log out and find your smart phone.

  *  Go to Play Store for Android, or App Store for Iphone.  Search in the search bar usually at the top.

  *  Search for the app by entering this exactly as it appears:  the florist fcu

  *  Choose the app and download/install.  You may need to restart your phone.

  *  Open the app, choose Mobile Access, and enter your ID (same as Online Access), PIN= Password (same as Online Access), and then type your secret word.  You should see    your accounts.

Note:  Our mobile app is for your primary account only.  It won’t show Cross Linked Accounts.

The app also offers a link to Shared Branching.  To see if there is a Shared Branch locally, enter the name of the city or the zip.  7-Eleven sites will not provide shared branching.  Use Shared Branching for deposits, withdrawals, or to make loan payments.  For VISA payments, enroll in Easy Pay online at (cut and paste into your browser as needed) 

 Questions?  Call us anytime.  575-622-0560.  We can help you get set up with Online Access and help finding the app.


 shared branching Spring 2015

SHARED BRANCHING.  Shared Branching is a network of over 5300 credit union offices nationwide where you can conduct your credit union business as if you were in our main office.  Need to make a loan payment?  Withdraw cash?  Make a deposit?  Or transfer funds between accounts?  That's what Shared Branching means.  We now have offices nationwide to serve.  You will need full identification, including your account number.  To find a shared branching near you, click on the following link

small shared branching link





On-line banking:

On-line Access is up and running.  You will see a difference as the system is being provided by our new core-processor, Intech.  As part of a major transition at your credit union, on-line banking login has changed.  Please contact the Credit Union if you experience any issues logging into your account, at 575 622 0560.  The view will be different, but we believe it will provide you with a positive experience.  If you were used to seeing other accounts within your primary login, please contact us and we will cross-connect you with other accounts you own.  This change is part of an overall system conversion to move to a better platform.  That platform will enable the Credit Union to provide you, our valued members and owners, enhanced access to products and services.  This conversion helps bring your Credit Union into the "norm" with banks and other credit unions.


Our core conversion was initiated February 2, 2015, when we went live with our new system.  There are many hundreds of parts and pieces that go along with this conversion.  If any part or piece is input incorrectly, it may cause delays in getting access to information, product or services. Again, please bear with us as we move to a new system that will provide you, our members, with new and enhanced services.  By late spring, 2015, the Credit Union will have in place mobile banking (transact business from your smart phone), remote deposit of checks (take a picture and upload it to your account), and shared branching (a network of over 5500 credit unions nationwide, where you can conduct business as if you are in our office. It will be like having over 5,500 branches, scattered over 50 states, to serve you).  And, as soon as we can find a cost appropriate on-line Bill Payment Service, that product will be implemented quickly for you.

Our intent as a member owned financial institution, is to provide the best possible interaction with our services regardless of where you live and work. 

CALL 575 622 0560 for any questions you may have Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 4:00PM Mountain Time.



visa card

  Featured product: 


 The Credit Union is offering credit cards as an alternative to high bank VISA© and MASTERCARD© rates. You need to compare not just the rate, but the fees, charges, grace periods, etc.  Most cards raise your interest rate if you are 1 DAY LATE. We don't operate that way.  Come see us.  We want your business. And remember, The Florist FCU has one of the lowest fee ratios in the business.

SPECIAL TRANSFER FORM                                  VISA APPLICATION FORM







3.9%  Looking for that new car smell?  Nothing smells better than the actual thing.  And now, we've made it even better with a super low rate.  We can finance up to 100% of the invoice, for a maximum term of 72 months.  Example: $20,000 financing  3.9% / 60 months = $367.43. Call us today.  This great rate is good through June 2016 only.  So act now.  (On Approved Credit Only. Other great rates available)


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The new sprout accounts are up and running.  The account opening requires a minimum of only $5.00! And through the end of 2015, the Credit Union will contribute the opening minimum deposit. So there's no cost to you to open the account. Such a deal!!

We encourage parents to open this special account for their children.  It’s a great way to teach them about saving, and to begin the much needed steps toward learning how to manage their money.  You can access the membership card from our web site at  Choose the applications tab.  Choose the membership applications link.  The form is the same for adults as it is for the Sprout account.  The child’s name will be entered first.  The parent will be a joint owner.  Mail, fax, or scan email to together with a copy of the joint owner’s driver’s license.

Consider setting up a direct deposit each month, each week, for as little as $5.00 per transfer, fee free to help your son or daughter build their account.  They can access it on-line to see how their savings is growing.  Call is to find out how easy it is. 


Sneaky Bank Fees!!

Bank fees are up. The reason is simple: Yields for bank investments and loans are at the lowest level in years.  In order to compete, some banks and credit unions are offering loans below the normal 3% spread.  The ultimate result is that certain expenses have to be eliminated and / or income has to be found elsewhere.  Usually, a bank will do both.  We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of jobs lost in the financial sector.  In addition, banks have put charges where no charges have been before.  So look at your bank statement.  Read it careful.  

10 SNEAKY BANK FEES LINK  (especially #9)

Concerned about fees?  Compare our fees to any other bank or credit unions. I think you will agree that we are the best place to have your accounts.


Credit Unions are owned and operated by their members, not stockholders.  Any residual income, after expenses, is retained in the credit union to 1) make it stronger by setting aside reserves, and 2) to give back to the membership by providing higher deposit rates and lower loan rates.  A Credit Union is where people of commonality have an opportunity to pool their money in such a way that they become the mission of the Credit Union; to improve the financial wellbeing of its members and the community it serves. Any and all credit unions have been formed to serve that way.  The Florist FCU has been formed to serve the florist industry.  Doesn’t it make sense that you should bank with us?