Credit Life and Disability Insurance

We offer our members Credit Life and Disability Insurance on any type of loan including our credit cards. Credit Life Insurance would payoff your loan in the event you or the co-maker passed away, so your family would not have to worry about taking care of the debt. Disability Insurance will make your loan payments for you (coverage for primary borrower only) if you were out of work due to health problems. Premiums are calculated monthly and decrease as the loan is paid down. We think this is a great way to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential loss.

Guaranteed Asset Protection(GAP)

Another form of protection offered for our members is Guaranteed Asset Protection or GAP. GAP protects your loan in case your vehicle is totaled or stolen. If you owe more than your insurance company's cash value determination for the totaled vehicle, GAP coverage pays off the potential deficiency balance left on the loan with The Florist Federal Credit Union, plus you will have $1000 to pay down towards a replacement vehicle that you finance with the Credit Union. Even if the insurance settlement covers the loan balance, you still get the $1000. This gives you the freedom to start looking for a new car without the worry of how to come up with enough money to payoff the leftover balance from the totaled car loan. GAP is offered on various secured loans from your vehicle, travel trailer, ATV and more with a low one-time fee of $300 to protect the life of the loan. The cost through a dealership or a bank is normally at least $500