Real Estate Services

If you are thinking of buying a house, The Florist Federal Credit Union can offer you the best service and rates. Plus, you will receive additional perks and benefits that no large bank or mortgage lender can offer. If you need any help, simply email us at or call us at 575-622-0560

20% Commission Rebate

When you use one of our trusted real estate agents, you'll receive a 20% rebate on real estate commission after closing

Dedicated Member Advocate

Your dedicated member advocate will answer all your questions and handle all your concerns

Home Privileges Package

The home privileges package gives you numerous discounts and perks for common home purchases

Unparalleled Member Service

The Florist FCU, your dedicated member advocate, and your real estate agent will work together to make everything simple and easy

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Benefit Details

#1 Dedicated Member Advocate

Your Advocate will connect you with a Credit Union Approved Real Estate Agent who is able to help you buy or sell your home. The Advocate stays with you through the entire process; from the time you enroll in the program until you receive your cashback rewards. The Advocate is your partner and is looking out for your best interests throughout the transaction because YOU deserve "A Better Way to Buy a Home".

#2 Rebate on real estate commission

The amount you receive is based on the total commission earned by your Real Estate Agent.

Value of Home Potential Cash Back
$100,000 $600
$200,000 $1,200
$250,000 $1,500
$350,000 $2,100
$500,000 $3,000
$750,000 $4,500

Cash back examples are based upon the commission paid to the Real Estate Agent who is representing you when you purchase a home. The example assumes a total commission of 6% of the sales price shared equally between the listing broker and the selling broker, one of whom is representing you. Commissions vary depending upon locality. The figures above are for illustrative purposes only. Your rebate may be different. Contact your Member Advocate to discuss your potential rebate.

#3 Home Privileges Package

In addition to quality service and the rebate, Florist FCU is pleased to offer The Home Buyers/Sellers Privileges Package. This package brings you discounts and savings on:

  1. Connections for all your home, cable, internet, and utilities
  2. Home Security Services
  3. Purchases at Home Depot
  4. And much more!

#4 Unparalleled Member Service

This goes without saying, both The Florist FCU and your Member Advocate are personally committed to providing you a pain-free mortgage process.


When will I get my rebate check in the mail?
Your rebate check will be processed and then mailed to you within 30 days of the successful closing on your home.

What is the telephone number, fax number, or email address of Real Estate Services?
Phone: (800) 705-0292
Fax: (877) 638-2818

Is this program only for those Members who are buying a home?
NO, if the Member is either buying or selling a piece of real estate property they would be eligible to participate in this Real Estate Services program.

How is my Real Estate Agent selected for me?
Our hand selected, specially trained, Agents have submitted a personal profile to Real Estate Services. Your Member Advocate will spend time getting to know you, and then, carefully match you with an Agent they feel will be the best match for you.

What if I don’t like the Agent that my Member Advocate selects for me?
In the rare occasion that this does happen, please feel free to discuss the circumstances with your Member Advocate. If possible, the Member Advocate will partner you another Agent that they feel may better suit for you.

What are the hours of operation for Real Estate Services?
7:00AM - 6:00PM Pacific, Monday through Friday

What happens if I call after your hours of operation?
You will be directed into our voicemail system. By leaving a detailed voicemail message, your Member Advocate will call you back the next day to assist you.

Where is this program available?